The Boy & The Lion

And God said
to me
I will be
In a tree 
With enough extra space
For a boy with a face
Like a wilderness Indian
With muck on his knees
And a rock
And a stick
And an old piece of string
And we will hide
And wait 
For the nighttime footfalls
Of dangerous marauders
And invaders from space
And at just the right time
We will spring our great trap
A catapult we set
With a branch and a net
And we will catch them like that
And peek out from the hole
Of the mighty old trunk
Where we hide and we seek
And we sleep under leaves
And draw dragons and bears
On the wall of our lair
And hide out
Like badgers 
With pockets
Full of marbles and rocks
And we'll talk about
Scurvy and measles
And ugly old weasels
And wait for more bandits 
To walk down our path
By the tree in the woods
Where a boy and a lion
Wear wolverine hoods
And march in the moonlight
To places unknown
Where our mothers and fathers
Dare not roam alone