Maybe it's more about presence than absence

I've been thinking lately about how good isn't just the absence of bad, but more specifically the presence of good. Darkness can't exist where there is light. Cold can't exist where there is heat.

The absence of darkness isn't light. It's nothing. There's no such thing. 

Light is the only thing that can dispel dark. 

Or rather, light is the absence of dark. 

Good health isn't rejecting bad choices, it's actively making better choices. 

One doesn't get healthy simply by giving up sweets. You have to also eat vegetables.

Anyway, the point is this: I'm probably not going to quit using tobacco just because it's bad for me. I have to get healthy enough to not want tobacco anymore. My own resistance is pretty good, and it's worked from time to time in the past, but what's even better than abstinence is indulgence - indulgence in something else. Something better. 

The only way to quit using cocaine is to buy a sailboat. 

Does that make sense? 

It seems like it does. To me anyway. 

The sailboat is such a daily endeavor, and so much of a fun giant hassle, that you just don't have time to track down the drug anymore. 

I've never used cocaine, and I don't own a sailboat. But you get the point. 

You gotta change your perspective.