Summer Field Day 2013 - June 2nd!!!


Alright guys, after much scheduling and re-scheduling, the 2013 Summer Field Day is ON. You guys demanded it and I am supplying it. Here's the details:



Time: 1pm - 5pm

Cost: $30


I'm not 100% sure where I will be setting up yet, but I'll post my exact location on the day of the event. I'm thinking I will probably be in the field near the big playground which is on your left after you pull into the park. If you don't see me in that field, check my Facebook or Twitter feed to find out exactly where I am. Or you can just cruise around till you see me. Look for two light stands and a bearded guy with a camera (me) and a beautiful pregnant hottie with a clipboard (my wife). Also, for those of you who are not familiar with Maumelle Park, IT IS NOT IN THE CITY OF MAUMELLE! It's actually on the Little Rock side of the river. Click the map above to see exactly where it is. 


Here's how it works:

  1. You sign up for the Field Day by RSVP-ing anywhere you can find me online. Comment on my Facebook page, Tweet me, email me, leave a comment on this blog post, text me, etc. You DO NOT NEED TO BOOK A SPECIFIC TIME - just show up ANYTIME between 10am and 2pm. I promise you won't have to wait more than 5-10 minutes, and if you do, there's a playground nearby to occupy your kiddos. 
  2. Share this blog post on your Facebook page, and then tweet it, and then blog it, and then re-blog it, and then print it out and staple it to every telephone pole in town, and then do it all again five times. This event does not work if people don't help spread the word - so share it! 
  3. Show up on Saturday and pay $30 cash or check - NO CREDIT CARDS! Credit cards take too long and I have to pay a small percentage on each sale and its just annoying, so stop by an ATM on the way and grab some cash.
  4. After you pay your $30, I will organize your little crew and pose you and (hopefully) your kids will smile and I will take a few shots until I feel like I've got something good to work with. I will only shoot each group for like 60 SECONDS, so don't be surprised when I snap five pictures and say "Okay guys, I think that's it!" It goes really fast and I am really good at getting something great pretty quickly. I will spend as long as I need with each group to make sure I've got a good shot, but usually its done in less than a minute. 
  5. After I photograph your little group my wife will give you a nice little card with instructions on how to download your photo and then you are free to go! Enjoy your Saturday!
  6. After the Field Day is over, I will edit ONE PHOTO of each group. JUST ONE. Not two - ONE. That's how I can make it so affordable! If I had to edit two or three images from each group, I would have to charge more than $30. Everyone's photo will get uploaded to one big gallery of images which will be online by the end of the day on Sunday the 2nd - that's the very next day! Take out your instruction card and type in the link on the card and download your photo. If the gallery is not online when you check it, just check back later that day.
  7. After you download your photo, you can order prints from the website by clicking the "Buy" button, or you can print them yourself however you like. There's a million different ways to order prints online and you should take advantage of it! However, if you order from my website, I guarantee you'll get a high quality print that will look good forever and you can even order it framed and ready to hang on the wall if you want.

That's it! Easy enough, right? So what are you waiting for?! RSVP now and share this bad boy with all your digital friends of the internet! Help spread the word folks! Don't hide it under a bushel - let it shine shine shine all the time! 


Still here? Okay, let me answer a few FAQs for those of you that have a deep insatiable need for information:

  1. Can I pay extra for two or three different shots? Of course! You can have as many different combinations of people as you want - each different group is $30. So if you want one of just your kids, that's $30. If you want another one with your whole family, that's another $30. Just let me know on the day of the event if you want more than one shot. 
  2. What should I wear? Whatever you want! It's only 30 bucks so go crazy! Wear your Halloween costume, or dress like Santa Claus, or come as the X-Men (if your family comes dressed as the X-Men, your photo will be free - please come dressed as the X-Men). The one thing I will say is avoid dark green. We will be in a park surrounded by grass and trees and green tends to blend it to the background too much. 
  3. What time will be the least busy? You never really know, but again, the longest anyone has ever waited is 5-10 minutes. Seriously - just come whenever is convenient for you, as long as it is between 10am and 2pm.
  4. What if I don't have $30? Then I guess you're broke! This event is meant to be an easy and inexpensive way to get a new photo of your family, but it's not a charity event! So please don't put me on the spot and ask me if you can pay later! That's really awkward - and it's only $30!
  5. Can I bring my dog/cat/parrot/alligator/squirrel/manatee? Sure! Bring whichever pets you want - but its up to you to make them behave!
  6. Can I bring my newborn baby? Honestly, this is really not the time for newborn photos - that typically takes a lot more time and effort than I can dedicate to newborns during an event like this. Feel free to bring the baby and hold her for a group shot, but I won't be doing any shots of individual babies. 
  7. How old should my kid be before you will photograph him by himself? If your youngest child can sit up by himself, I will be more than happy to photograph him on his own during the event.
  8. Do you have any props? Nope - but feel free to bring your own! It's always fun to see what people show up with!
  9. Can you photograph my family on the jungle gym or going down the slide together? Not really - for an event like this, I really need to stay in one spot to get everyone through in time. All the shots will be in the same place. If you want to schedule a full family shoot some other time we can definitely do some other more creative goofy wacky awesome stuff.
  10. How many people can be in one photo? I usually try to keep it to 6-8 people max.

Awesome. Now share it and don't forget to RSVP!