Several Pressing Things

1. American Apparel is stupid. Actually, it's really just the ads that bother me. They are everywhere online and they always have some half naked girl that looks like shes about 17 posing in a bow-tie and a pink leotard. I mean, who really wears that stuff? It's like they started a company where they just find the worst fashion ideas ever and try to bring them back by making them super expensive. I don't get it.

2. Dr. Dog is my new favorite band. A lot of people have attempted to take The Beatles song style and formulas and re-make them into something original and Dr. Dog have done it. Oasis was a little too close to the original Beatles tunes, but Dr. Dog is different, yet similar enough to make them really stand out. There is so much crappy new music coming out it's almost a complete waste of time to ever try to find anything good, but Dr. Dog is the best new band I've heard since My Morning Jacket. Go here or buy their new CD "Fate" on iTunes.

3. Julia said something last night about building altars to remind yourself of the big moments in your life that caused you to turn your eyes back towards Jesus. They used to do it all the time in the Bible but now I think its sort of stopped. They used to build them really high so that if they ever ventured away from home they could turn around and see it standing tall above their town as a reminder. This is an interesting idea. What if we could wake up every day and remember all the major things we've learned in our lives, all the times we were saved or rescued by God, all the big decisions and how he pulled us through? How would our days be different? How could we remind ourselves of that every day? Tattoos, that's how.

4. Am I an asshole? I'm starting to think that I might come off as an asshole. Which is not cool with me because I am generally a pretty mellow guy. They say there's one in every group and if you don't know who it is, it's you. Huh. That's weird. Maybe it is the beard. Is the beard intimidating? Cause it's supposed to be.