Things are good.

Micaiah and I rearranged our bedroom yesterday in such a way that everything feels new in our house. The light is different, the feel is fresh. It's really weird that we've had our bed on the same wall for three years and it just seemed like the only way to set it up. But now we've moved it to another wall and it feels like an entirely new house. Strange.I like it though. It feels good.

Why does it feel good to have feelings of newness and new stuff?

Why is it so natural to get bored with the same stuff over time and inevitably want newness around you?

Regardless, it seems as though it is impossible to escape. No matter how much you want everything to remain the same, and enjoy everything to the same level that you did when you first got it, or just never get tired of anything or want anything new, you do. You will.

So the trick is to figure out new ways to look at the same old crap. Move your bed and suddenly you just moved into a new house. Use a different coffee mug. Rearrange your fridge. Wear a different hat. If you can get re-excited about the old stuff you once loved, to the point that it has unlimited potential to bring you satisfaction, you will never have to spend your money on anything new again (almost).

You have a limited amount of money, and you will never have any more than what you have at that moment, but you waste your money on bullshit and you never do anything that you really want to do.

Do the things that you like to do. Enjoy your life and the shit that you already have. Forget about the name brand clothes, the name brand food, and the name brand appliances. Life is enjoyed and experienced to the fullest through actions. So instead of buying stuff, do stuff.

When you are old are you going to tell your grandkids that you used to own a cashmere sweater, or that you've been to Iceland?