Burning Jesus

Lately I find myself constantly trying to suppress something that begs to be let out from deep within. I suppress it because I am not completely sure what would happen if I let it go. I am afraid I would turn into a raving madman and lose all mental credibility with anyone I know, which would undoubtedly snuff out the flame immediately, I imagine.But it doesn't stop.

This seems to me to be the kind of thing that causes normal people to become complete lunatics. Normal people can't often relate to lunatics because they are so far removed from "real society" that they simply can't take anything they say to have any significance whatsoever. This is precisely what happened with a guy called John who apparently let go of his raging fanaticism, lost his mind, ran crazed into the wilderness, and came out later wearing dead animal skins, and submerging people into the Jordan river in the name of YHWH.

When he was first ambushed by Jesus (who was in fact his second cousin) while the two babies were still developing in their mother's wombs, his only response upon being born was to immediately flip out and lose touch with all reality. After all, how could anyone have any semblance of normalcy when they've been attacked in their minds and hearts by the one thing that will stop at nothing in its relentless pursuit of mankind.

So here's where I am:

I've had this exact thing happen to me. I've been taken captive by the single most powerful, compelling, and magnetic force known to mankind. It is, unfortunately for me, unstoppable.

So what do I do? Where do I go from here?

Is it possible to carefully release the floodgates?

Can a bullet be gently shot from a gun?