Killing, Killing, Everywhere: Fort Hood And Beyond

Ok, I know this may not go down well with a lot of you, but whatever, here it is:So the guy at Ford Hood that killed like 13 people the other day is a bad guy, I get it. But until he did that, he was a good guy. He woke up that morning and people probably saw him around the base and thought nothing of it. Some of them probably saluted him as he walked past.

Now, I am not defending the guy. Seriously, I am not. He did his thing and now he's got to pay for it. That's how it works. You break the law, you pay the price. Everyone understands that. Hasan understood that when he started thinking about all of this. He eventually decided that the price was worth the crime, or he hoped he would be able to kill himself before ever having to answer for anything. Either way, he knew what he was getting into.

Murder is against the law.

Well, sometimes.

It is against the law to kill someone here in the United States, especially if you are totally unthreatened by them. There are a few situations where it is not illegal to kill someone, like if they are trying to kill you, or if they break into your home and start attacking your family. But for the most part, you will go to jail if you get caught. Or worse.

Hasan may very well be killed for what he did.

They will kill him. They will take a living man, walk him calmly into a room, with witnesses and doctors and police and lawyers and government officials nearby, lay him down on the bed, fully alive and healthy, and kill him. On purpose, totally unthreatened (because he will otherwise be unarmed, in jail, at the mercy of the guards), with government approval. And they will never have to answer for their actions.

This seems odd to me.

Wouldn't we totally flip out and go crazy and threaten war if another country or person did this to one of our citizens?

Yes. We would. We do. We are.

We (The United States Government) sends innocent people overseas to kill supposedly guilty people EVERY DAY. I am not even talking about all the innocent people that are killed. I am talking about the ones that are clearly guilty. Or presumed guilty. Or probably guilty.

But, guilty to whom?


Well, aren't we guilty for something? To them?

They kill us, we kill them, if they catch one of our guys, they kill him. If we catch one of their guys, we kill him.

This is nothing more than a damn Romeo and Juliet family feud. The Montagues and the Capulets. We fucking hate each other and that's the end of it. We are going to kill as many of them as possible and they are going to kill as many of us as possible.

Now, I know "they" attacked us first, but that was only like eight years ago. This battle has been going on since the beginning of time. Moses is the father of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and ever since that split, we've hated each others guts.

Well I, for one, am a (sometimes reluctant) member of the Christian family, although I see myself as an insignificant distant cousin to the raging mad upper echelons of Christian "leadership", and I am innocent. And if I am here, like this, then it must be true that there are insignificant distant cousins to the family of Islam, who see their lunatic leaders just as insane as I do.

Major Hasan probably killed people (or ordered the death of people) in Afghanistan or Iraq or somewhere else and came home and got awarded and congratulated for it. Then he killed people here and got busted.

Killed the wrong people, I guess.

Well that's why I wash my hands of the whole damn thing.

We're just going around killing people. We got people killing people everywhere. It sucks. I want nothing to do with it.

Take two guys, any two guys. Put them on a street. With guns aimed at each others faces. Who should kill who?

What if they are both Americans?

What if they are both Americans who believe different things?

What if one is American and one is Al Qaeda?

What if they are both Al Qaeda?

What if they are both Al Qaeda who believe different things?

What if one is Major Hasan and one is an American Marine?

What if one is Major Hasan and one is Al Qaeda?

What if one is Major Hasan and one is Al Qaeda three weeks ago?

What if one is Major Hasan and one is an Al Qaeda man who is cooperating with the US to provide intelligence three weeks ago?


Count me out. I'll not be judge, jury, and executioner. You guys can have that title all to yourselves.