Old School Studio Style Kids Portraits

So a couple of weeks ago I was at home playing with my kids and decided to shoot a few quick portraits of them with a small light setup in our living room. I was playing around with using a stripbox as the key light and I really liked the results. The stripbox (with grid) plus the wrinkled grey backdrop gave the portraits an interesting old-school style studio quality. 

I posted a couple of the photos to instagram and offered to book a few kids shoots in the same style for anyone that was interested in kids portraits that weren't the standard issue kid-in-a-field thing. The whole idea was to simply create the space and encourage kids to be their normal, natural, goofy selves. Within a couple of hours of posting the first few images online, I had already booked several shoots for the following week. Here's some of my favorites (including a few more of my own kids).


I really like the way these shots turned out, and just as I thought, when you give kids permission to be goofy, they will generally run with it and do some pretty awesome things. I've got another week of shooting these kids pictures before we head out to vacation, and I may or may not start it back up after we get home - so if you want to book a shoot, now is the time! Right now I'm only booking these shoots for the week of August 4-8. Write me an email at jacob@jacobslaton.com for more details or just send me a message through my contact page at the top of this website. 

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