Strange Design - Me Quoting Me

So the other day I was reading through my oldest blogs, back from when I was still a caveman and using Blogger. I had to save them all as a big Word file cause I couldn't figure out how to import them correctly. But anyways I was reading through them and found a few lines I thought were worth re-posting. Maybe it's just me but I saw something interesting in each of these, and while I can't personally take credit for anything, I am pretty sure they all originated inside my head.1. "My my, you have had some adventures in New York I see. Whatever shall we do with you? Throw you to the wolves, I suggest, or maybe the angels, though some might say they're one and the same."

2. "May the blessings of the spirit fall upon you, and may you be haunted by the Ghost."

3. "Oh Lord, find me in your grip. Somewhere hidden deep in your fist."

4. "The dark sky above seemed to be cold and the tiny twinkling stars had so much more distance between them, every mile cold and gusty."