Jesus Loves Muslims

I walked into the post office today and an older lady was standing in line in front of me. As soon as I walked up behind her, she turned around with a smug look on her face and said:

Sir, I'd like to ask you not to buy this stamp today. It is supported by our president and it celebrates a Muslim holiday.

She showed me a printed out email she got with a picture of the stamp on it that was clearly one of those outrageous political forwards that people stopped sending me a while back. I asked her what was wrong with a Muslim stamp and she said:

It's not right. It's just not right.

I laughed a bit, just loud enough for her to hear my disagreement, and said nothing more. She gritted her teeth and stood a little further away from me in the line, way too close to the lady in front of her.

She went through the line and and when it was my turn, I asked to buy a book of "those Muslim stamps", which they didn't have. I later found a picture of the stamp online and realized that it is not even real. It was made on a website that allows users to create and order custom stamps with anything on them.

Beyond that, I don't read arabic and I have no idea what the symbol on the stamp means, but for all I know it could say Spongebob Squarepants, or Go Hogs, or Praise Jesus. Arabic does not equal Muslim, and more importantly, Muslim does not equal terrorist.

Regardless, I did find out that the US Postal Service did create a stamp this past holiday season celebrating a Muslim holiday, so I guess this fake stamp doesn't really make any difference.

Either way, it is this kind of ignorance that saddens me to the point of near deflation. It is this kind of hatred that makes extremists out of people practicing a harmless faith.

Jesus loved people.

Jesus loved people.




Jesus loved dangerous people - people that ended up killing him, in fact.

When are we going to start loving people?

When are we going to start loving Muslims?