In The Spirit of Jack & Amy

I am once again making all things new.My old blog was cool, but this one is better. I was time to re-simplify. Also, I was tired of thinking about having two blogs (Jake Freedom and Mobile Dailey) which is just a total waste of time. So now I am combining them into one and putting way less effort into it altogether.

Additionally, I would like to answer a question that I have heard a lot lately about stupid things like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, and the like (which I admit are all totally stupid). The question I have heard is always asked in a somewhat accusatory way and usually sounds something like this:


Why do you blog, tweet, flick, tumbl, facebook, and/or _____________ (whatever)?

My answer, simply put, is that I like community. Obviously I would much rather be in actual physical personal community with people that I know and love - traveling, talking, eating, drinking, experiencing life together; but when I can't do that, I still like to be in community even if its impersonal online community.

Also, now that I spend a lot of my time editing pictures alone at Starbucks (where I hate everyone), its nice to stay in touch with the little things that my friends are doing throughout their day and make plans to actually hang out in real life. Like I said, I know how stupid Facebook and Twitter are but I do them because my friends do them, and I like talking to my friends.

I think its important to note, however, that when you actually do end up seeing your Facebook and Twitter friends in real life, you should never talk about Facebook and Twitter. They are a means to an end and nothing more. And don't waste all your time on there either, just clicking around and looking at people you don't even know, do what you're going to do and be done.

Ok, that's it.

Welcome to the new Jake Freedom.